Jonny Jimison

Profile photo of Jonny Jimison Jonny Jimison is a talented cartoonist and graphic novelist. In addition to a long history of web-based cartoons, he's the author of Dragon Lord Saga series of graphic novels, including Martin & Marco and The River Fox. Jonny lives and works in Jacksonville, Florida.

Bringing Color to the Dragon Lord Saga

By Jonny Jimison

Batman’s origin story is full of darkness. Orphaned as a child, taking on a the mantle of a bat to fight crime in the dark of night – no wonder he only works in black (or sometimes, very very dark gray). Read More ›

Getting Ethan (Week Two)

By Jonny Jimison

 Getting Ethan is back for week two! Click through for this week’s comic strips. Read More ›

Getting Ethan (Week One)

By Jonny Jimison

Once upon a time, before I was a cartoonist, I was in college.

My first major ventures into cartooning were a distillation of what stuck with me from college – the friendships, the uncertainty, the weird mini-adventures around town, the late-night video game binges Read More ›

Cooking Up Something Special in The Legend of Zelda

By Jonny Jimison

This is but one of the legends of which the people speak…

It had been four years since the last real Zelda game (A Link Between Worlds) and six years since the last full console Zelda game (Skyward Sword). I was eager to return to Hyrule. My body was ready. Read More ›

Advent Week Four: Love

By Jonny Jimison

We’re wrapping up our Advent series with a painting by Ben Schipper. Merry Christmas from the Rabbit Room! Rejoice – the Lord has come! Read More ›

Advent Week Three: Joy!

By Jonny Jimison

Week three of Advent at The Rabbit Room pairs a sonnet by Lanier Ivester with visuals by Jonny Jimison. Read More ›

Advent Week Two: Readiness

By Jonny Jimison

Week two of Rabbit Room Advent brings us a poem by Chris Yokel with an illustration by Stephen Hesselman. Read More ›

Advent Week One: Hope

By Jonny Jimison

Today we begin the Rabbit Room Advent Calendar 2016 with a verse by Jen Yokel and an image by John Hendrix. Read More ›

Rapunzel: Light for the Lost Princess

By Jonny Jimison

A few weeks ago, I stumbled onto an online video of an event near Las Vegas. It looked kind of cool, so I decided to check it out. I figured I’d just watch for a minute or two, but I couldn’t look away for the entire seven-and-a-half minutes. Why? Sheer, wondrous beauty. Read More ›

Truth-telling in the Dark

By Jonny Jimison

I hope you’ve encountered the writing of Helena Sorensen – but if not, I want to introduce you to a trilogy of novels that strike me to the core — Shiloh, Seeker, and Songbird. Read More ›

The River Fox Kickstarter Kick Off

By Jonny Jimison

When soldier Martin Millar leaves for the Dragon Crusade, his brother, Marco the stableboy, accidentally tags along. What follows is fun and adventure, dragons and curses and talking horses and bandits! In short, a lot more than either brother expects. Read More ›

Making Things Is Magic

By Jonny Jimison

[Here’s the latest from the Rabbit Room’s resident cartoonist. Click through to read the whole strip.] Read More ›